Dafna Shoe Company was established in 1964 in Kibbutz Dafna in the Upper Galilee of Israel. Now, almost 50 years later, Dafna is the leading manufacturer and distributor of slippers in Israel, and is a symbol of comfort. Dafna is famous for its "Kippy" shoes, which warms both ones heart and ones toes.

To make you feel at home anywhere, Dafna also manufactures fashionable boots, riding boots, fashionable clogs and sandals for you. The footwear is manufactured at the highest quality, using advanced technology of direct and complete injection, homemade, Blue and White Israeli products.

What's a home
without slippers?
Dafna does its best to preserve the environment, which is as important to her as the quality of its shoes. Dafna's interest is also to protect you and ensure you enjoy high quality and service that always strives for excellence.

You can find Dafna footwear in a large number of countries, including Japan, Korea, Italy and France, so people around the world can enjoy the comfortable and fashionable Dafna shoes which we Israelis have been enjoying for decades.


כל הטוב הזה מגיע למגוון רחב של מדינות, ביניהן יפן, קוריאה, איטליה, וצרפת, כדי שאנשים בכל רחבי העולם ייהנו מהנוחות והאופנתיות של נעלי דפנה, שאנחנו הישראלים נהנים מהן כבר שנים.